Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miss Stephanie's Potions Werewolf Repellent review

About Miss Stephanie
(from their website)
"Miss Stephanie is a voodoo medicine woman who studied in a small town in Louisiana.  Long ago, Miss Stephanie specialized in preparing potions to cure common ailments.  During one particularly bad Louisiana storm, Miss Stephanie was up late preparing a healing tea for one of the locals when a knock came at the door.  There in the doorway stood a large, very ugly and very smelly zombie!  Miss Stephanie slammed the door in his face and quickly whipped up one of her potions.  When that persistent zombie knocked again, Miss Stephanie was prepared, spray in hand.  Sure enough, the zombie went running to tell all his friends that the town’s medicine woman created a potion strong enough to turn all those pesky ghouls into sweet, friendly creatures.  The next day, the wise medicine woman created potions for all the local townspeople, and that night, all the children slept peacefully.  Today, Miss Stephanie is currently employed as the Chief Potions Officer of Miss Stephanie’s Potions, and continues creating products that empower children to take charge of their fears and deal with their anxieties naturally. "

Werewolf Repellent/Be Good
"Is your child afraid of werewolves?  Have those fears created anxieties around bedtime.  Werewolf Be Good has a wonderful root beer aroma that both kids and parents will love.  It can be sprayed around doors and windows to keep pesky werewolves out, or directly on them to turn them into friends."

Aqua (Water)
Sodium Propionate
Natural Fragrance


 This has to be the cutest product idea I have ever come across. This is absolutely perfect for any child, scared of monsters or not. (And imaginative adults!)

Werewolf Repellent/Be Good spray has a very light root beer scent. I decided to spray it on my husband because every now and then he reminds me of a werewolf...and I got to tell you, he has been a little nicer ever since. Who knows...maybe this is a magic potion after all!

The fact that this spray is all natural, 100% vegan, and cruelty free makes me love it even more!

Miss Stephanie's Potions would be a great addition to any Easter basket!

*Special Thanks to the magical people of Miss Stephanie's Potions for providing this product in exchange for an honest review

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Jennifer said...

LOVE this idea!!!!! I bet we'd use the whole bottle in a night ;)!!