Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hersko - Hlavin Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion

I have recently had the privilege to try many products from Hersko Therapeutic Natural Skin Care.

About Herkso -"Hersko is the exclusive importer and distributor of skin care products manufactured by Hlavin Industries Ltd."
 Hlavin is a leading international cosmetics manufacturer and exporter -  specializes in the field of “cosmeceuticals” – cosmetics with distinct therapeutic value - which act in harmony with the human body.
All their ingredients are certified by the CTFA certified and none of Hlavin’s products are tested on animals, nor do they contain animal derivatives.

 Up first for review is the Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion.

From the Hersko website -
"Imparts a suppleness and smoothness to your skin. Leaves your skin soft, tender and velvet-like. The sensuous, attractive fragrance lingers for hours. Instructions: Apply after shower/bath – massage until fully absorbed. Coenzyme Q10 - Fights skin aging Rich extracts - ginseng and allantoin – soothe, smoothe, moisturize and revitalize. Supports cell renewal for radiant skin. Has a light floral scent."

Ok, I have to be 100% honest. When I first opened and smelled the sample, I instantly thought of the Avon products my grandmother use to give me in the late 80's early 90's.  The scent first...for me was a "mature floral scent" however after applying the lotion to my arms and legs I began to really enjoy the it. Its not an over powering scent, it is a light floral scent. In fact within minutes of applying my husband sniffed the air and said "Oooh what's that smell, I like it"   I noticed right away that the lotion was a thin consistency and it quickly absorbed into my skin.   I can be a bit picky with my lotions. For example, I LOVE the scents of Bath & Body Work lotions but I HATE the actual lotions themselves.  They always leave a gross sticky film on my skin.   Hlavin Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion did not leave ANY film whatsoever! It is such a light lotion that actually left my skin very soft.   I also liked that fact that a little went a long way, I didn't have to pour lotion all over my self, all it took was just a few drops.   Another thing I really liked was the fact that I woke up the next morning and could still smell that wonderful light scent! I was honestly amazed.

Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion- Wife tested, Husband approved!

Special Thanks to the fine folks at Hersko for going out of their way to contact & provide me samples of Hlavin Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion in exchange for an honest review.

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