Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill

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Overachiever and straight A Junior, Julia is the perfect student. She always follows the rules, always has pencils and a sharpener, and always keeps a pocket Shakespeare on hand. Julia dreams of one day spending her life with her "MTB" (meant to be) childhood crush, Mark.  During a spring break school trip to London, Julia is partnered with the wild class clown, Jason.  Julia decides to cut-loose and become a little adventurous. Little does Julia know that the thing she least expected could just be her meant to be.

Oh how I LOVED THIS BOOOOOK!!! Meant to be was so entertaining. I absolutely love Lauren Morrill's writing style and sense of humor. The characters were fantastic, Julia totally reminded me of myself in high school (except for the good grades part :/ ) in fact she reminds me of myself now, I have a huge but cute pen and pencil collection on my desk at work.  Whenever I'm out and about and see a cute pen or pencil with a snazzy eraser, I just have to buy it to add it to my collection, I'm even so obsessed about it that I lock them in my desk when I leave for the day. The romance was spot on, while I sort of did predict the outcome it definitely kept my interest anyways. I enjoyed every word of this book, and HIGHLY recommend!!

5 out of 5 stars I can't wait to read more from Lauren Morrill!

Special Thanks to Random House Children's Books and NetGalley for providing me an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.  This is going to my "Must buy in Hard/Paper back wish list!"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Raven In The Grave by Rae Hachton

"Nevermore Will Never Be The Same

Marcus is back, and he's ready to fight.

Forced to Kill, His Thirst takes Over. He wants Ellie, and he wants the Throne. He Won't stop until he can...

Rule The Darkness"


Coming December 31, 2012Raven in the Grave—From Teen Pulse

The third installment of the Pretty in Black series


Rae Hachton is such a beautiful and poetic writer.  Raven in the Grave is the third installment of the Pretty In Black series and like the first two, I loved every word! The romance and action were spot on, making me love Marcus Marble even more. He is my booky crush <3  I highly recommend this page turner series and can not wait to read the fourth installment!

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!!!

The Land of Forever

Special Thanks to Rae Hachton for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



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The Land of Forever

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taking a break from my blog life..

Hi everyone.  As some of you know I am planning on getting gastric bypass surgery. Well, Im on my 3rd month of attempting to lose 70lbs and I am finally meeting with the surgeon next week. Due to this and other personal issues, I have decided to but my blog on a "medical leave" for the next few months.  I regret to inform this to any authors or blog tours that I have signed up for that I will not be able to post reviews in a timely manner, however, I will post the reviews as soon as I feel up to it.  I have too much going on in my life and need to focus on my health first. I love book blogging and will return to post every now and then but only if I feel up to it.  I hope to be back and ready to blog as soon as possible.

Take care everyone!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thought I Knew You by Kate Moretti

Book Description:
"Claire Barnes is shattered when her husband, Greg, goes on a business trip and never returns.
Unwilling to just wait for the police to find him, Claire conducts her own investigation. Her best friend Drew helps her look for answers, but all she finds are troubling questions.
With every clue, she discovers that Greg may not be the man she thought she married.
While battling her growing feelings for Drew and raising her two young children, Claire must learn to live with the knowledge that the truth behind Greg’s disappearance may never be revealed."
I really enjoyed Thought I Knew You. This had the perfect blend of suspense and mystery. Thought I Knew You is definitely a unpredictable page turner! The was wonderfully written and had great characters.   I recommend Thought I Knew You to mature readers.   
4out of 5 stars
Special Thanks to Red Adept Publishing for providing an e-book in exchange for an honest review.


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