Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taking a break from my blog life..

Hi everyone.  As some of you know I am planning on getting gastric bypass surgery. Well, Im on my 3rd month of attempting to lose 70lbs and I am finally meeting with the surgeon next week. Due to this and other personal issues, I have decided to but my blog on a "medical leave" for the next few months.  I regret to inform this to any authors or blog tours that I have signed up for that I will not be able to post reviews in a timely manner, however, I will post the reviews as soon as I feel up to it.  I have too much going on in my life and need to focus on my health first. I love book blogging and will return to post every now and then but only if I feel up to it.  I hope to be back and ready to blog as soon as possible.

Take care everyone!


Carole said...

All the very best of luck. I have known some people who have had this done and have had just spectacular results! Look forward to the odd update when you can manage it. Cheers

miki said...

take care too
i will be waiting for your return,