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Spring Fling GIVEAWAY Hop!

I am happy to announce that this is my first time participating in a I'm a Reader, Not a Writer blog hop! Yaaay! 

I decided to give away one of my favorites so far this year...

   I am giving away 1 copy of Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard via The Book Depository

  This is open to anyone that The Book Depository will ship to! 13 years or older please!

Check out my other fabulous giveaway!!   Here

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When Destiny Knocks by Heather M. White


When Destiny Knocks is about Sixteen year old Karlie. After her mother's death, New Yorker Karlie is forced to move to a small town in Arkansas, to live with her Dad. Thinking her life will now become extremely boring, Karlie suddenly realizes that there is a whole new world she never knew existed.

I loved  When Destiny Knocks! It was fast paced and totally got my attention from page one.  I was instantly hooked and couldn't put it down! The concept was interesting and I enjoyed the writing style. When Destiny Knocks does have a cliffhanger which I normally frown upon, but I didn't. And there was some "instant love" which also usually bugs me, but again -It didn't!  This was a fun, action packed read and I can't wait to read more from Heather M. White

5 out of 5 stars!

Special Thanks to Heather M. White for providing an mobi. copy in exchange for an honest review.

Felinian by M. Clifford

Felinian by M. Clifford is about high school freshmen Katherine Luna.  Katherine is not having a good time in her life. She's being forced to attend a different high school then her friends and lives near a creepy cat lady who gets weirder every day. After having an extremely humiliating experience at a Halloween party, Katherines'  body suddenly changes in a very unexpected way.

I enjoyed Felinian. I loved the Egyptian mythology and being a cat lover, I found Felinian to be interesting and refreshing! The writing did take me a bit to get fully into the book, I found myself skimming paragraphs from time to time. I felt that certain parts just needed to be condensed a bit. The characters were extremely interesting and well written. Katherine made a perfect main character and I would love to read more about her and Hector.

Overall I enjoyed Felinian and I hope to read more from M. Clifford!

4 out of 5 stars

Special thanks to M. Clifford for providing a kindle edition copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Astigmatism & a "little" farsighted! Go Me!

So for the past year or so Ive been getting these weird headaches and I've been extremely light sensitive. It got so bad this week that I started seeing weird lights flashing. I totally had a kaleidoscope going on in one of my eyes. So I decided to finally get my first eye exam (Ive done the E's one many times in the past and have always been told I was 20/20)  The eye exam was kinda fun lol I know..I'm a dork. But anyhoo, turns out I have Astigmatism and I'm a "little" farsighted. Its so fun getting old! Unfortunately, I wont get my glasses until hopefully at the end of next week! boo  My husband has been giving me a very hard time about it. He blames my reading and the computer so much that he's been telling me to stop and take a vacation from it until I get my glasses. Actually his words were "You need to stop all that blogging stuff!"  LOL YEAH RIGHT! So, while he's sleeping I'm going to try to work on as many reviews as possible  :p 

Here's my glasses- not really exciting or funky. I figured Id get just an average pair first. Then get funky with them later on. (I really wanted the cat eye rhinestone kind lol)

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Cover Reveal: Redheads are Souless by Heather M White

         " High School senior, Sofia Black, has had a very hard life. Since her father's death 7 years ago, she has had to look after her drug addicted, alcoholic mother. School isn't any better for her either. The other kids constantly tease, and ridicule her. All she wants is to get out of her small hometown in Alabama.

When new student, Jason, shows up, Sofia's world is turned upside down. She doesn't understand why he wants to befriend her so badly... And, just when she thinks she can trust him, trouble appears.

Jason's twin brother, Robbie, moves into town, and things go haywire. Sofia is now running for her life - and Jason is forced to share hidden secrets with her. She learns the truth about her father's death, and finds out that she may not be as "human" as she once thought. She struggles to accept her fate, while fighting for her life."

 Heather M White Blog -

 SupaGurl Books Blog -

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Jersey Angel by Beth Ann Bauman

Amazon / Goodreads

Jersey Angel by Beth Ann Bauman is about a teen named Angel whos' main goal is to have lots of fun at the Jersey shore during her summer before senior year...but Angel has a little too much fun

Jersey Angel started a bit slow for me, I was worried that I would be able to get into it and that it wouldn't hold my interest. Luckily I didn't give up. Angel doesn't really live up to her name, she's a nice girl but when it comes to boys she should really be named Jersey Devil.I felt bad for Angel though, she obviously didn't have a good female role model growing up. I enjoyed reading about Angel and her friends and after the beginning hump the writing flowed. The book has some deep emotional issues that unfortunately teens might come across and Jersey Angel addresses them extremely well.

Great read and recommend to mature young adults due to sexual content

I rate Jersey Angel 4 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and Random House Children's Books for providing me an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan

Amazon / Goodreads

Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan

Blurb via Goodreads-
"High school sophomore Daisy Jones is just trying to get by unnoticed. It doesn’t help that she’s the new girl at school, lives in a trailer park, and doesn’t even own a cell phone. But there’s a good reason for all that: Daisy has a secret, unpredictable power—one only her best friend, Danielle, knows about.

Despite her “gift” (or is it a curse?), Daisy’s doing a good job of fitting in—and a cute senior named Kevin even seems interested in her! But when Daisy tries to help Vivi, a mysterious classmate in a crisis, she soon discovers that her new friend has a secret of her own. Now Daisy and her friends must deal with chilling dreams and messages from the beyond. Can Daisy channel the power she’s always tried to hide—before it’s too late?"

Gift was a nice quick read. The writing style was good and It kept my interest throughout the entire book.  The concept was interesting and had like-able, unique characters. Gift had a great mix of paranormal, suspense and mystery. I will definitely be reading more from Buchanan. This was a  clean read that is suitable for young adults and older.

Overall, I rate Gift  4 out of 5 stars

Special Thanks to Netgalley and Open Road Media for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell

Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell

Blurb via GoodReads

"Big-hearted Chloe Camden is the queen of her universe until her best friend shreds her reputation and her school counselor axes her junior independent study project. Chloe is forced to take on a meaningful project in order to pass, and so she joins her school’s struggling radio station, where the other students don’t find her too queenly. Ostracized by her former BFs and struggling with her beloved Grams’s mental deterioration, lonely Chloe ends up hosting a call-in show that gets the station much-needed publicity and, in the end, trouble. She also befriends radio techie and loner Duncan Moore, a quiet soul with a romantic heart. On and off the air, Chloe faces her loneliness and helps others find the fun and joy in everyday life. Readers will fall in love with Chloe as she falls in love with the radio station and the misfits who call it home"

Honestly, I was not really sure of Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe going into it. The cover is cute and I LOVE contemporary YA books, but the first few chapters did not pull me in. I honestly almost gave up, the teenagers just were slightly annoying at first. It took me a while to connect with the story and characters. I didn't quite understand what Chloe was saying on the radio that was so exciting that she got so many just really wasn't that interesting. However, I'm really glad I didn't give up, I have to say that Duncans' story made the book, I wanted to read more about Duncan and hope that Shelly Coriell writes more about that character.

4 out of 5 stars

Special Thanks to NetGalley, ABRAMS, and Amulet Books for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

In My Mailbox (11)

                      In my mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren

I had an extremely nice book week! But Ive had a bad case of the readers block! I really hope I get out og this funk soon!

Hard/Paper backs Ive received:

Everneath by Brodie Ashton       The Taker by Alma Katsu

Won via                  Won via

E-books to Review:

Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton

When Destiny Knocks by Heather M. White

Power Within by C.L Causer

American White Trash by M. L. Becker

Daphne and The Mysterious Girls Secret Bathroom Society by Robert Shields

The Brotherhood Of Piaxia by Michael Drakich

Delta Legend by Kelan O'Connell

Emily's House by Natalie Wright

Vision by Beth Elisa Harris

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The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland

Amazon / Goodreads

The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland is about Elizabeth Margaret a.k.a. Em.  
Em seems to have her life in order, an internship at her father's firm and about to go to Harvard Law. But this isnt what Em wants her life to be, its was her parents want. When a sudden opportunity to spend the summer with an unknown aunt, Em's life takes a sudden twist.

The Summer My Life Began was a very nice quick read. A little predictable for me however the writing was very nice. This is a great coming of age book that will bring you in great spirits. Its a great beach read that does have a few serious moments but sends a perfect message to younger readers. I enjoyed The Summer My Life Began, however there really wasnt much of a "WOW" factor for me. I feel that it needed al little more character to character development.

Overall, I did enjoy and rate 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Special Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin Publishing, and JKS Communications for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Trailer and Excerpt Reveal- Taste by Kate Evangelista

Song Credits: "Hunger" © Noelle Pico. Full Download available at

Taste Blurb: "At Barinkoff Academy, there's only one rule: no students on campus after curfew. Phoenix McKay soon finds out why when she is left behind at sunset. A group calling themselves night students threaten to taste her flesh until she is saved by a mysterious, alluring boy. With his pale skin, dark eyes, and mesmerizing voice, Demitri is both irresistible and impenetrable. He warns her to stay away from his dangerous world of flesh eaters. Unfortunately, the gorgeous and playful Luka has other plans. When Phoenix is caught between her physical and her emotional attraction, she becomes the keeper of a deadly secret that will rock the foundations of an ancient civilization living beneath Barinkoff Academy. Phoenix doesn’t realize until it is too late that the closer she gets to both Demitri and Luka the more she is plunging them all into a centuries old feud."

Taste Excerpt
"I mentally stomped on the intimidation their perfection brought into my mind and said, “Excuse me.”
The group froze, startled by my words. The girls had their brows raised and the boys stopped mid-speech, mouths agape. They stared at me with eyes the shade of onyx stones.
I smiled and gave them a little wave.
The boy a step ahead of the rest recovered first. His stunning features went from shocked surprise to intense interest. He reminded me of a hawk eyeing its prey. I gulped.
“A Day Student,” he said, his eyes insolent and excited.
Something about the way he said “Day Student” made my stomach flip. “Excuse me?”
They snickered. The boys looked at each other while the girls continued to stare, muffling their laughter by delicate hands. I seemed to be the butt of some joke.
“You broke the rule.” The boy’s grin turned predatory.
The students formed a loose semi-circle in front of me. My gaze darted from face to face. Hunger filled their eyes. The image of lions about to chase down a gazelle came to mind. I mentally shook my head. I was in the mountains not the Serengeti for crying out loud.
I took a small step back and cleared my throat. “Can any of you give me a ride back to the dorms?”
The boy wagged his forefinger like a metronome. “Ah, that’s unfortunate for you.”
One of the girls pinched the bridge of her nose. “Eli, you can’t possibly—”
“It’s forbidden, Eli,” another boy interrupted, pronouncing the word “forbidden” like a curse.
The nervous murmur at the pit of my stomach grew louder. Six against one. Not good odds. Instinct told me to cut my losses and run. Bad enough I faced expulsion, now it seemed like weird, beautiful people who’d suddenly appeared on campus wanted to beat me up. No, scratch that. Judging from the way they studied me, beating me up wouldn’t satisfy them. Something more primal prowled behind their looks.
I definitely wasn’t going down without a fight. Years of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat classes had me prepared. While other children from rich and important families got bodyguards, I got defense training. But I think my father meant for my skills to go up against potential kidnappers, not against other students who may or may not be crazy. Oh God! Maybe I stepped into a parallel universe or something when I reentered Barinkoff.
“None of the students are supposed to be on campus,” I said. Then, realizing my mistake, I added, “Okay, I know I’m not supposed to be here either. If one of you gives me a ride back to the dorms, I won’t say anything about all this. Let’s pretend this never happened. I didn’t see you, you didn’t see me.”
“We’re not ordinary students,” Eli answered. “We’re the Night Students.”
He’d said “Night Students” like the words were capitalized. I didn’t know Barinkoff held classes at night. What was going on here?
Eli smiled with just one side of his mouth and said to the group, “She’s right, no one will have to know. We’re the only ones here. And it’s been so long, don’t you agree?”
The rest of them nodded reluctantly.
“What’s been so long?” I challenged. I fisted my hands, ready to put them up if any of them so much as twitched my way.
“Since the taste of real flesh passed through my lips,” Eli said. He came forward and took a whiff of me then laughed when I cringed.
“Flesh.” Yep, parallel universe.
“Yes,” he said. “And yours smells so fresh.”
Someone grabbed my shoulders from behind and yanked me back before I could wrap my mind around the meaning behind Eli’s words. In a blink, I found myself behind someone tall. Someone really tall. And quite broad. And very male.
I realized he wore the same clothes Eli and the other boys did. Not good. He was one of them. Although… I cocked my head, raking my gaze over him. He seemed born to wear the uniform, like he was the pattern everyone else was cut from. My eyes wandered to long, layered, blue-black hair tied at the nape by a silk ribbon. Even in dim light, his hair possessed a sheen akin to mercury.
I looked down. The boy’s long fingers were wrapped around my wrist like a cuff. His fevered touch felt hotter than human standards, hot enough to make me sweat like I was standing beside a radiator but not hot enough to burn.
“I must be mistaken, Eli,” the boy who held my arm said in a monotone. “Correct me. Did I hear you say you wanted to taste the flesh of this girl?”
A hush descended on us. It had the hairs at the back of my neck rising. How was it possible for the atmosphere to switch from threatening to dangerous? Unable to help myself, I peeked around the new guy’s bulk. Eli and his friends bowed. They all had their right hands on their chests.
“Demitri, I’m sure you misheard me,” Eli said.
So the guy standing between me and the person who said he’d wanted to taste me was named Demitri. I like the sound of his name. Demitri. So strong, yet rolls off the tongue. Definite yum factor.
“So, you imply I made a mistake?” Demitri demanded.
“No!” Eli lifted his gaze. “I did no such thing. I simply wanted to show the girl the consequences of breaking curfew.”
“Hey!” I yelled. “Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!”
Demitri ignored my protest and continued to address Eli. “So, you threatened to taste her flesh.” His fingers tightened their grip around my wrist. “In the interest of investigating this matter further, I invoke the Silence.”
All six students gasped, passing surprised glances at one another.
Before I could ask about what was going on, Demitri yanked me down the hall toward the library. But why there? Oh, maybe we were getting my things. No, wait, he couldn’t have known about that. Everything was too confusing now.
Eli and the others didn’t try to stop us when we passed them. Demitri’s cold command must have carried power. Handsome and powerful, never a bad combination on a guy.
We reached the heavy double doors in seconds. He jerked one open effortlessly. I’d needed all my strength just to squeeze through that same door earlier. To him, the thick wood might as well have been cardboard. I raised an eyebrow and mentally listed the benefits of going to gym class.
“Why are we here?” I asked after my curiosity overpowered my worry. I’d almost forgotten how frightened I’d been right before Demitri showed up. I wasn’t above accepting help from strangers. Especially from gorgeous dark-haired strangers with hot hands and wide shoulders.
Demitri kept going, tugging me along, snaking his way deeper into the library. I had to take two steps for every stride his legs made. I tried to stay directly behind him, praying we didn’t slam into anything.
He stopped suddenly and I collided with him. It felt like slamming into a wall.
“Hey,” I said, momentarily stunned. “A little warning would be nice!”
He faced me, and I gasped. His eyes resembled a starless night, deep and endless. Their intensity drilled through me without pity, seeming to expose all my secrets. I felt naked and flustered beneath his gaze.
“You could have died back there,” he warned.
A lump of panic rebuilt itself in my throat."

* There is a hidden link of a super exclusive excerpt for TASTE in the above excerpt...can you find it?*

Author Bio: When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn't going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department of her university and never looked back. Today, she is in possession of a piece of paper that says to the world she owns a Literature degree. To make matters worse, she took Master's courses in creative writing. In the end, she realized to be a writer, none of what she had mattered. What really mattered? Writing. Plain and simple, honest to God, sitting in front of her computer, writing. Today, she has four completed Young Adult novels.

Author Website:
Twitter: @KateEvangelista
Find Taste on Goodreads:
Crescent Moon Press page for Taste:

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100+ Followers GIVEAWAY!!

* I found this image via google search- it was on this blogsite
It was so pretty and sparkly I just had to post it on my 100 follower giveaway post*

So, I noticed the other day that I actually reached 100 followers. Yay! Ive also realized that I have hit the 100 posts mark! Yay for me! I first started this blog years ago (2007 I believe) and I totally forgot about it. One day I was bored and though hmm.. I'm already posting my reviews on amazon and goodreads..why not post it on a blog!? And now I'm completely addicted!  It's so nice knowing that at least one or two other people are reading my posts that it still excites me when I get a comment!!  Anyhoo enough with the boringness

 I am so happy to have 100+ followers that I decided I had better throw another giveaway. I already have this GIVEAWAY going on which is part of the reason for the 100 followers. 

So I decided to stick with what I know best which is of course Amazon and Kindle books! Ive already got this giveaway happening so I decided to give a few of my recently reviewed and loved Kindle edition books away.  I will purchase with my own money one of the below titles to 3 winners.

So a big THANK YOU to all my Followers and new followers

*I apologize ahead of time for the long rafflecopter list and different ways to enter, I plan on keeping it simpler in the future :p *

3 winners will get to select ONE Kindle Edition of the below choices: 

Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King 

Entangled by Nikki Jefford

Miss World by Randi Black

The Vampire Underground by Brian Rowe

Feathermore by Lucy Swing

Falling In Between by Devon Ashley

Last Stop This Town by David H. Steinberg

The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Amazon  /  Goodreads

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross is about a fifteen year-old named Mirabelle. Living with her overprotective Godmothers, Mirabelle's past has always been an unexplained secret. Desperate to find out about any detail of her past and her parents, Mirabele runs away to Beau Rivage, her birthplace, and discovers more about herself and the town than she never could have imagined.

So, I have to say right away while reading the first half of Kill Me Softly I kept thinking "ooh..i love this!"  "ooh this is so good!"  but somehow towards the last half my interested and excitement sort of fizzled away. I really wasnt a big fan of Mirabelle's character, she just didnt win me over. The other characters in the book were fantastic and I found myself wishing the book were more about them. (I always try to stay as spoiler free as possible so Im going to skip other characters names lol) I really did enjoy Kill Me Softly, it was refreshing, interesting and witty.

4 out of 5 stars

Special thanks to NetGalley and Egmont USA for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb via GoodReads

"Mirabelle's past is shrouded in secrecy, from her parents' tragic deaths to her guardians' half-truths about why she can't return to her birthplace, Beau Rivage. Desperate to see the town, Mira runs away a week before her sixteenth birthday—and discovers a world she never could have imagined.

In Beau Rivage, nothing is what it seems—the strangely pale girl with a morbid interest in apples, the obnoxious playboy who's a beast to everyone he meets, and the chivalrous guy who has a thing for damsels in distress. Here, fairy tales come to life, curses are awakened, and ancient stories are played out again and again.

But fairy tales aren't pretty things, and they don't always end in happily ever after. Mira has a role to play, a fairy tale destiny to embrace or resist. As she struggles to take control of her fate, Mira is drawn into the lives of two brothers with fairy tale curses of their own . . . brothers who share a dark secret. And she'll find that love, just like fairy tales, can have sharp edges and hidden thorns."

In My Mailbox (10)

For those of you who might not know- In My Mailbox is a weekly posting of books or products I received in my actual snail mail box or email.  this is hosted by

Nothing in my snail mail box this week! BOO!

To Review e-books:

oh speaking of Boo....

The Boo Hag by David Morgan    amazon / goodreads

Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A Rigg     amazon / goodreads

Dirty Little Angels by Chris Tusa             amazon / goodreads

Purchased e-books:

I absolutely loved this book!  My Review
Wishing For Someday Soon by Tiffany King  amazon / goodreads

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Wishing For Someday Soon by Tiffany King

Amazon / Goodreads

Wishing For Someday Soon by Tiffany King is about seventeen year old Katelyn survival with an abusive mother and a long list of deadbeat stepfathers. The only thing that keeps her going is protecting her nine year old brother, Kevin. Her goal in life is to finally give Kevin and herself the future that they both deserve.

I absolutely LOVED this book. This was such an emotional read and I couldn't put it down. Tiffany King really has a way of drawing you into Katelyns' life. Wishing For Someday Soon was so extremely well written and and the characters were realistic. This is not my first book Ive read from Tiffany King and it certainly wont be the last. She is an excellent writer! Wishing For Someday soon needs to be read, not just by every young adult reader- but adults as well.

5 OUT OF 5 STARS and has made it to my top all times favorites!

Blurb via Goodreads

"Seventeen year old Katelyn Richards is a stronger person than anyone will ever know, and that is just the way she wants it. Behind her normal facade lies the reality of a broken home life. Thanks to her abusive mother, a string of deadbeat stepfathers, and an unsympathetic system, Katelyn has learned that the only one she can count on is herself. Her life’s mission has become to shield her nine year old brother, Kevin, and to give him the future that they both wish for. A life with no more abuse, no worries about where their next meal will come from, and no more wondering if they will have a roof over their heads.
When her mother moves them again, this time to a small town in Montana, Katelyn’s resolve is shaken when she meets Max, a cute boy from her new school, who gets a glimpse into her real world. Max slowly manages to break through Katelyn’s wall of distrust, stirring up feelings she never saw coming. Now with her world more complicated than she ever intended, Katelyn struggles with the decision to follow her heart into the arms of the first boy she has ever loved. A decision that could risk the promise she made to protect Kevin, and to give them the ‘someday soon’ that is so close within their grasp."

This was a book I purchased via Amazon, the sample instantly got me hooked and it had a nice low price!

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Feature & Follow (2)

The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it’ll allow us to show off more new blogs! This is a way to gain more followers (follow and be followed) and meet new blogger friends. It's a win. win.

If you would like to participate or just read more about #FF "Click Here". To follow me I have everything over on this side---------->
Let's see I have: GFC. Linky. Networked blogs. RSS. Please feel free to follow any and if you leave a comment and your blog address, I will follow back!

Oh, and for any new followers I do have a snazzy giveaway going on HERE

Question of the week:
Q: What is one book that you would be nervous to see a movie adaption of because you think the movie could never live up to the book?   Hmmmm.. Im going to answer poorly because I can't think of one specific book and Im just way too into books lately than watching movies. Id have to say that I'm nervous for any movie adaption of books. Books just give so much more details than movies cant express. Movies are too rushed.

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Desperately Wanting Wednesday

Desperatly Wanting Wednesday, hosted by Parajunkee's View
Hosted by

Desperately Wanting Wednesday is not only for releases that I’m waiting on, it’s also for already released novels that I just haven’t purchased yet.  This is my first time participating! Weee!

Each week there will also be a question to answer"

Which do you prefer, reading series or stand-alone books?

I like both series and stand-alone, although Ive read a lot more stand-alone than series.

And here are two books that I have been keeping my eye on.

Oh, and please excuse my font. I have no clue whats going on with my computer but its been seriously acting funky lately and I'm too tired to try to fix it. Also, my Z's have been looking strange. lol So just ignore the craziness! :o)

Awkward  by

Blub via Goodreads

"Mackenzie Wellesley has spent her life avoiding the spotlight. At Smith High, she's the awkward junior people only notice when they need help with homework. Until she sends a burly football player flying with her massive backpack and makes a disastrous - not to mention unwelcome - attempt at CPR. Before the day is out, the whole fiasco explodes on YouTube. And then the strangest thing happens. Suddenly, Mackenzie is an Internet sensation, with four million hits and counting. Sucked into a whirlwind of rock stars, paparazzi, and free designer clothes, she even catches the eye of the most popular guy at school. And that's when life gets really interesting..."



The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

Blurb via Goodreads
"Colby and Bev have a long-standing pact: graduate, hit the road with Bev's band, and then spend the year wandering around Europe. But moments after the tour kicks off, Bev makes a shocking announcement: she's abandoning their plans - and Colby - to start college in the fall.

But the show must go on and The Disenchantments weave through the Pacific Northwest, playing in small towns and dingy venues, while roadie- Colby struggles to deal with Bev's already-growing distance and the most important question of all: what's next?

Morris Award–finalist Nina LaCour draws together the beauty and influences of music and art to brilliantly capture a group of friends on the brink of the rest of their lives"


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Girl in the Park by Mariah Fredericks

Amazon / Goodreads

The Girl in the Park by Mariah Fredericks is about a shy teenager named Rain, who's former best friend, Wendy turns up to be murdered in Central park. Rain becomes determined to discover the truth about what happened to Wendy.

The Girl in the Park was a great written mystery and kept my interest. It was slightly predictable but that didn't stop me from reading. The book was a great example that there is more than meets the eye or in other words, you don't really truly no anybody fully except yourself.  Mariah Fredericks did an excellent job with the realistic characters. Great Read and I recommend to anyone looking for a murder mystery!

4 out of 5 stars

Special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children's Books for providing a e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

Zero by Tom Leveen

Amazon / Goodreads
Zero by Tom Leveen is about a recently graduated aspiring artist name Amanda (a.k.a. Zero) who just wants to have a fun summer before college. But when the scholarship money for college doesn't come through,  her parents start fighting more, and she has a fall out with her best friend- she realizes her summer isn't going to be so well. Until she meets Mike, a drummer/ skater boy.

Oh, how I LOVE this book!!!!! Words can't describe how much I enjoyed it. I have to say right away how glad I am that Tom Leveen wrote the characters so realistic and honest.  Every knows that you shouldn't judge a book by a cover but that goes for people too!  Just because people dress differently or listen to different music does not make them any different on the inside. This sounds pretty bad, but I really can't believe a man wrote this! Tom Leveen must have had sisters growing up or just really knows how woman can be because he wrote Zero's character perfectly.  I loved the Salvadore Dali quotes and loved that Zero (and I'm assuming Tom) listens to the same bands I listened to growing up!

5 out of 5 stars!!  Recommend this to anyone especially mature young readers ( there are a few sexual situations and language)

Special Thanks to Netgalley and Random House Children's Books! I am SO happy I received an e-galley of Zero in exchange for an honest review.

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Question of the week: Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

Absolutely! I rtry not to base my book choices on reviews. Everyone has a different opinion and everyone has different likes an dislikes. Just because one person doesn't like something, doesn't mean I won't.

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

Special thanks to Influenster and Truvía® , I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.

What is Truvia?  According to their website its "Truvia® natural sweetener is a zero-calorie sweetener made with the best tasting part of the stevia plant."

What is stevia?
"Stevia is a plant (specifically, a member of the chrysanthemum family) native to portions of northeastern Paraguay. It has been used to sweeten foods and beverages for more than 200 years."

I enjoyed Truvia, it has a natural good taste and is perfect for hot or cold beverages. Truvia dissolves and mixes well with beverages and baking ingredients. I enjoyed Truvia and it will now become a staple in my kitchen!

As you can see I tried to take pics of strawberries with Truvia on it and the Truvia was dissolving while I was taking the picture.  How did it taste with strawberries?  PERFECT!

Check out recipes here:    Truvia® website

Information via

"Truvía® natural sweetener
Truvía® natural sweetener is the first natural, great-tasting, zero-calorie sweetener born from the leaves of the stevia plant.

o One packet of Truvía® natural sweetener provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar.
o Truvía® natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated. Add it to coffee and tea. Sprinkle it on fruit and cereal.
o Truvía® natural sweetener is a great alternative for people with diabetes. It is also kosher certified.

Where to Buy
Truvía® natural sweetener is available nationally at most major retailers and in package sizes of 40-count, 80-count, 140-count and a spoonable jar. Find a store here.

Discover great-tasting recipe ideas and more at "

The Vampire Underground by Brian Rowe

Venus & Olay Razor

Gillette Venus + Olay = MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!!!!

Thanks to Influenster and Gillette, I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program and I have to say right away- I LOVE Gillette Venus & Olay!!!

First I wanted to point out the smell of the Olay moisture bars, it smells SO good, I cant describe it but its fantastic! Whats even better is that you don't need shaving cream or gel!!

Sometimes I have horrible dry itchy legs and razors can be my worst enemy. The Venus & Olay 5 blade razor smoothly glided across my legs and left them unbelievably soft. My legs have never felt so soft and moisturized.   I can honestly say that I will never go back to any other razor.

Check out the Venus website :

Product Information via

"Venus & Olay Razor
For the first time ever, Gillette Venus, a global leader in female shaving, and Olay, a global leader in skincare, are coming together to deliver a gold standard in shaving with the new Gillette Venus & Olay razor. Venus’ best shaving technology works with Olay Moisture Bars, offering women best-of-both-worlds shaving and skin expertise. Olay Moisture Bars help lock-in moisture to your skin for less dryness, and with every smoothing stroke, Venus’ five blades shave you close.

Product Details
  • Venus’ five-bladed razors shave you close and adjust to women’s curves for a smooth and comfortable shave, even over tricky shaving areas like knees and ankles.
  • Olay Moisture Bars contain skin-enhancing elements found in Olay products: Petrolatum helps lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness and Glycerin helps offer that goddess glow! Just wet the razor to release a light lather – no separate shave cream required.
  • As with most Venus razors, new Venus & Olay also features a rounded, pivoting head designed for women’s curves, and a soft-grip ergonomic handle for confident control, even in wet and soapy environment

Where to Buy
A refillable Venus & Olay with one replacement cartridge sells for approximately $8.99-$10.99. Packages of three replacement cartridges are available for about $14.99 - $19.49.
Venus & Olay will be available starting March 15, 2012 at food, drug, convenience and mass merchandise stores throughout the United States.

Check out more about the Venus & Olay razor. "

Once again Id like to point out that I received this product complimentary to test through the Influenster's Vox Box program in exchange for an honest review.

Cover Reveal: Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs

I am happy to reveal the cover and blurb of Great and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacob, which releases on November 13, 2012.  Stay tuned, because I will also have the opportunity to post an exclusive excerpt in September closer to the Fall reveal date!


"While trying to save her brother four years ago, Greta was thrown into the witch’s fire herself, falling through a portal to a dangerous world where humans are the enemy, and every ogre, goblin, and ghoul has a dark side that comes out with the full moon.

To survive, seventeen-year-old Greta has hidden her humanity and taken the job of bounty hunter—and she’s good at what she does. So good, she’s caught the attention of Mylena’s young Goblin King, the darkly enticing Isaac, who invades her dreams and undermines her determination to escape.

But Greta’s not the only one looking to get out of Mylena. The full moon is mere days away, and an ancient evil knows she’s the key to opening the portal. If Greta fails, she and the lost boys of Mylena will die. If she succeeds, no world will be safe from what follows her back…"



Barne sand Noble pre-order:

Additional links to Chloe’s pages:


Sunday, April 8, 2012

In My Mailbox (9)

Happy Easter everyone! I had a great day with my family today! Before I talk about books, I just had to share how crafty my mom is, she made the cutest deviled eggs for Easter.

OK, on to the books!!

Paperback ARC:

Way to Go by Tom Ryan    goodreads / amazon

To Review: E-books:

The Vampire Underground by