Saturday, April 28, 2012

Astigmatism & a "little" farsighted! Go Me!

So for the past year or so Ive been getting these weird headaches and I've been extremely light sensitive. It got so bad this week that I started seeing weird lights flashing. I totally had a kaleidoscope going on in one of my eyes. So I decided to finally get my first eye exam (Ive done the E's one many times in the past and have always been told I was 20/20)  The eye exam was kinda fun lol I know..I'm a dork. But anyhoo, turns out I have Astigmatism and I'm a "little" farsighted. Its so fun getting old! Unfortunately, I wont get my glasses until hopefully at the end of next week! boo  My husband has been giving me a very hard time about it. He blames my reading and the computer so much that he's been telling me to stop and take a vacation from it until I get my glasses. Actually his words were "You need to stop all that blogging stuff!"  LOL YEAH RIGHT! So, while he's sleeping I'm going to try to work on as many reviews as possible  :p 

Here's my glasses- not really exciting or funky. I figured Id get just an average pair first. Then get funky with them later on. (I really wanted the cat eye rhinestone kind lol)

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