Sunday, April 29, 2012

When Destiny Knocks by Heather M. White


When Destiny Knocks is about Sixteen year old Karlie. After her mother's death, New Yorker Karlie is forced to move to a small town in Arkansas, to live with her Dad. Thinking her life will now become extremely boring, Karlie suddenly realizes that there is a whole new world she never knew existed.

I loved  When Destiny Knocks! It was fast paced and totally got my attention from page one.  I was instantly hooked and couldn't put it down! The concept was interesting and I enjoyed the writing style. When Destiny Knocks does have a cliffhanger which I normally frown upon, but I didn't. And there was some "instant love" which also usually bugs me, but again -It didn't!  This was a fun, action packed read and I can't wait to read more from Heather M. White

5 out of 5 stars!

Special Thanks to Heather M. White for providing an mobi. copy in exchange for an honest review.


Heather M White said...

I am so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for your review!!!

Tess said...

Great Review! I love that you got straight to the point! just wait until you read When Destiny Strikes!!! ...Old Follower

Tess @ My Pathway to Books