Monday, March 11, 2013

Hersko - Hlavin Face Care products Review

"With "Blue-Green Algae"
Rich and refreshing moisturizer, diminishes skin irregularities – protects and strengthens skin texture.
  • Supports deceleration of the skin aging process, helps purify and refresh skin. 
  •  Optimal absorption to hydrate and protect,  providing  comprehensive, beneficial skin care.
  • Protects against bacterial activity.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Preserves clean looking skin "
 "With "Blue-Green Algae" For maximum elasticity. Leaves even delicate skin feeling pleasant and relaxed.
Penetrating nourishment - enriches and oxygenates cell membranes, accelerates skin purification. Contains "Blue-Green Algae" - organic source replete with vitamins, mineral, fatty and amino-acids.
Very easily absorbed, lightly though richly textured.. Balances skin texture. Skin appears elasticized, smooth and relaxed."

"Day Cream – Balances moisture level, softens skin, revitalizes and nourishes intracellular activity. Helps soothe irritation. Very easily absorbed. Serves as an ideal base for make up, day and night.
Apply before exposure to sun and during continuous exposure to sun. 
Apply evenly a small amount all over the face and neck."

I was going to do a separate review for all three, however I wanted to include the cute bag they sent these in, in one of my pictures AND after using all three products for a few days (different times) I decided that I definitely had to do a three in one review. In my opinion, they are all equally good creams/lotions. The consistency is a bit different, the first one (Love Line Green D.Light - Day Moisturizing Lotion) as you can see is a little "clumpy" while the second (Love Line Green D.Light - Night Enhancer) is very thin, while the third (Love Line Caress Pro-Age - Moisturizing Cream SPF 15) was very creamy. However, that was really the only difference I saw/felt/noticed.  All three absorbed well, all three didn't leave any film or greasiness and a three left my skin feeling soft. I honestly don't know how Hlavin does this! All of the products I have tried from Hlavin are perfect for people who want lotions/creams but hate using them because they make you face greasy. These products just soak right in leaving nothing behind!  I completely understand why Hersko imports and distributes Hlavin products, because they are wonderful! And most importantly -
"None of Hlavin’s products are tested on animals, nor do they contain animal derivatives."

 I suppose If I had to pick a favorite between all three it would be tie between the two Green D. Light products. It fascinated me that these two had "Blue-Green Algae" and I liked the description of the Love Line Green D. Light collection line-

Love Line: Green D. Light (Oily/Combination/Normal Skin with Acne)
 "- For Oily/Combination/Normal Skin with Blemishes
- An innovative formula - contains phytobiotics: a harmonious synergy of Chelidonium, Cranberry and Propolis Extracts
- Nature’s Antibiotics that treats and prevents the development of inflammation and irregularities
- Blue Green Algae, Omega 3 & Dead Sea Mud
- Easy to apply make-up immediately after using our facial care creams"

and here is the description for-

 Love Line: Caress Pro-Age (Normal/Dry Skin)
" - For Normal/Dry Skin - Provides protection against rapid skin aging
- Helps reveal new skin, accelerates the formation of new, young cells
- Elasticizes, nourishes, balances
- Offers long-term results
- Easy to apply make-up immediately after using our facial care creams"

they also have
Love Line: Platinum (Dry Skin)
" - For Dry Skin - A scientific approach to elite quality
- Illuminates your complexion, repairs and elasticizes
- Provides deep penetration of curative properties, to firm, uplift and protect
- Balances pH and moisture level down into the sebum levels
- Contains paramedical ingredients such as GP4G (Plankton “Marine Protein”)
- WSA Molecuel (From Oregano herb 4 x more effective then Vitamin C & E), Q10
- Easy to apply make-up immediately after using our facial care creams" 

*Special Thanks to the wonderful people of Hersko for providing these products in exchange for an honest review

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