Saturday, March 2, 2013

Be A Bombshell Bora Bora Eyeshadow Review!

 I have been forever in search of the perfect Teal or Turquoise eyeshadow. Teal is one of my favorite colors and I always seem to get compliments when I wear Teal/Turquoise colored clothing. Being particular about what shade of Teal I was really looking for, I did a bit of research on the difference between Teal and Turquoise. I think this picture I found on Google image search sums it up very well.

 So, I've recently come across my HOLY GRAIL of Teal eyeshadow, Be a Bombshell bora bora eyeshadow.   Now, I have to mention right away, the pictures I've taken do not do this color justice. It looks so much prettier in person and is not as blue as it appears. In my opinion its much more of a blue-green color.

Infact, let me include the Be a Bombshell website photo for comparison

"Bora Bora – Teal Blue – Teal Blue with a hint of shimmer
Great For: Accenting and adding a pop of color or liner"

 Bora Bora is such a pretty color and is VERY pigmented. In fact, the moment I received the eyeshadow I instantly tried it without primer and it was fabulous! Ive received two compliments so far from total strangers about how pretty my eyeshadow was. I quickly told both strangers-"Oooh Oooh is Be a Bombshell eyeshadow in Bora Bora!!"

I am posting pictures of a comparison between the eye shadow with and without primer and honestly I'm having a hard time telling the difference. I also tried to take pictures in different lighting to try to get a better viewpoint.
   Primer side                         Non-Primer side

                           Primer                              No primer


I absolutely LOVE this eyeshadow! I love it so much that I bought 2 because I know I will be wearing this eyeshadow a lot and I don't want to be without it for a long time!  I will definitely be purchasing other products from Be A Bombshell in the future!!

Time for silly selfies. I know... I know I look weird lol

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