Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forever Flawless Brilliance Nail Care Kit Review

 Forever Flawless - Brilliance Nail Care Kit

"Delight your senses with the luscious fragrance and the rich, silky texture of this exclusive hand and nail lotion. A balanced formulation of essential oils, plant extracts, skin-nourishing vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, it will keep skin hydrated, nourished, and rejuvenated so your hands feel soft, supple and smooth and your skin glows like a flawless diamond."


Forever Flawless 3-in1 Nail Trimmer
Forever Flawless Nail File
Forever Flawless 4-Way Nail Buffer
Forever Flawless Fancy Cuticle Oil
Forever Flawless Hand and Body lotion

Forever Flawless Brilliance Nail Care Kit has to be the most LUXURIOUS nail care kit that I have ever own! My nails haven't been the healthiest lately but just after one use of all of these products, my nails were instantly beautified.

I have to talk about my favorite of this kit first.

The Forever Flawless Hand and Body lotion is the BEST lotion I have ever come across in my life. Hands down the BEST! The lotion moisturizes perfectly and leaves my skin velvety soft..with no greasiness.  Not only does it have a beautiful scent but a little bit goes a long way. Which is perfect for me because I want this lotion to last me a very very long time.

The Forever Flawless Cuticle oil is just as wonderful. My cuticles and nails went from extremely dry to extremely moisturized in seconds and it stayed that way for days! I also liked that the container had a roller ball on it making it extremely easy to use. (I had meant to get a close up picture..I will add one later on!)

The Forever Flawless 3-in1 Nail Trimmer and Nail File were sturdy and worked extremely well and the Forever Flawless 4-Way Nail Buffer was wonderful. My nails went from ridged dull and peeling to shiny smooth in seconds.

What I also enjoyed about the kit was that they give you good instructions on how to use the products. Sure, most people already know how to use products these but they went into great detail about the different sides of the buffer as well as what order you should use the products.

I was so excited to try this that I am kicking myself for not taking a before and after nail picture. Grrr. This product review deserves one but ever since using the products I my ugly nails havent come back! That is how wonderful these products are!

I highly recommend Forever Flawless - Brilliance Nail Care Kit especially to those who need serious nail care!!  

   I am now forever a Fan of Forever Flawless products!!

*Special Thanks to the amazing people at Forever Flawless for providing this kit in exchange for an honest review. You have made a Forever Fan!!

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