Monday, January 2, 2012

Garden Botanika Lash Primer

Thanks to and Garden Botanika, I was honored to recieve a Garden Botanika Lash Primer complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program. If you haven't heard of Garden Botanika check out their
Garden Botanika Lash Primer went on smooth. I applied two coats of the creamer primer, let it dry, and then applied mascara. The primer was just like lotion or conditioner for my eyelashes. It made them soft and flexible even after applying mascara. I did a test and applied the primer then masacara to one eye and then only mascara to the other eye. The primed lashes popped out more, were so flexible feather like, and had no clumps or flakes! I tested a little bit of the primer on the back of my hand and it rubbed in just like lotion!
Garden Botankia Lash Primer is $11.00 and contians Caranauba Wax, Glycerin and Panthenol. It does not contain fragrance, shellac, mineral oil or animal protein, and is water-rinseable.

Garden Botanika has a mission of creating products that are botanically based, cruelty-free, and gentle to the environment. They have a widespread of other products including skin care, bath & body, fragrances, and
Via Influenster website - "Garden Botanika Lash PrimerTake lashes from fine to fabulous. Simply brush on bare lashes, let dry, then apply mascara. Makes even the skimpiest lashes look longer and fuller within minutes. Protective Carnauba Wax, Glycerin and Panthenol provide a strengthening base for lashes so mascara applies easily, resisting smudging and flaking. Check out for more info and to se their full product line! *Does not contain fragrance, shellac, mineral oil or animal protein. Water-rinseable."

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