Friday, December 2, 2011

New Girl by Paige Harbison

Thanks to Netgalley, Harlequin, and Paige Harbison, I had the pleasure of reading New Girl.
After finishing this book I have discovered that New Girl is a tribute to Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I have not read Rebecca, and honestly hadnt heard of that book before. But thanks to New Girl, I am going to have to read Rebecca.
New girl is about a Florida teen who was accepted to a private boarding school in New Hampshire. When the New Girl was younger she had asked her parents to go to a boarding school because of her love for the Harry Potter books. She was hesitant to go her senior year but didnt want to disapoint her parents.
Upon arrival, the New Girl discovers that she isnt welcome at all by her classmates and the mystery begins. A year before a student went missing and the classmates continue to wonder.New Girl is told in two point of views. The New Girl and the missing girl (Becca) Normally I don't enjoy books were the POV skips around alot but I enjoyed this and it was a well fit for the book.
Im not sure how I would rate New Girl, I was entertained and it kept my interest. But the fact that the students a year later continued to talk about the missing girl and accusing the New Girl of basically wanting to be here just didnt work for me. I wanted the New Girl to stand up for herself, tell her classmates to GET OVER IT! Over all I enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone for some light reading. It did contain drug and sexual content.
I did enjoy the writing and am looking forward to reading more from Paige Harbison.

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