Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lip Factory Inc February 2013

Lip Factory Inc is one of the many subscription boxes Ive recently subscribed to and it quickly became one of my top favorites! Not only did my February box have fantastic products but their customer service is AWESOME! They really know how to treat their customers and have made a fan for life!

Here's what I received:

"Long lasting grape seed anti-oxidant enriched moisturizing lipstick.
Helps lips appear smooth and moisturized while visibly easing the signs of aging. $25"
(Stompin’ Grapes)

I LOVE this lipstick! Stompin' Grapes is a fantastic color and the lipstick goes on so smoothly.

"​A combination of beeswax, honey, grape seed extract with a slight shimmer.
Perfect alone or under lipstick. $24"

From 29 Cosmetics website
"Long-lasting grape seed anti-oxidant enriched moisturizing lip therapy with shimmering gold flecks and a touch of honey nourishes and protects the lips from environmental pollutants and the harmful effects of free radicals. The Hint of Honey Lip Treatment nourishes the lips, providing the ultimate in hydration while visibly easing the signs of aging. Hint of Honey Lip Treatment visibly creates fuller and shimmering lips. Apply evenly to the lips for a beautiful shimmering glow. This luxurious new grape seed anti-oxidant enriched formula will keep the lips looking young and vibrant."
 "Contains cream cleanser, serum extract, eye emulsion and night moisture samples.$2"

29 Cosmetics Leather Mirrored Lipstick Case
" Faux chocolate brown leather "key to beauty" lipstick chain conveniently holds your lipstick with a mirror inside for quick and easy lipstick touch ups while you are on the go.$15"

"Long lasting Soft application $1"

LASplash Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in Oyster Shell, Hula Hula, and Black Sea
"Long lasting, weightless, non-irritating and does not contain talc, oil or fragrance.

I tried to copy Maryam's Smokey eyed Valentine look but failed. I'll try again at some other point but here is Hula Hula by itself. (with nothing else..I was just testing it out!

and last but not least a Mini Kabuki Brush

About Lip Factory Inc- "How it works" from their website
"For $22 per month, each month, you will receive your Lip Factory Beauty Kit containing up to 10 sample sizes of your favorite makeup brands. Although your kit may include a full face of makeup products, our focus is on your lips! Your kit will include lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners and lip therapy products. These samples are chosen each month by our expert team of beauty specialists and makeup artists.

Each month your beauty kit, filled with well known and new brands, may also contain a surprise beauty bonus."

I just had to add how they say samples but in the February's box all of the products were full sized except for the skin care samples. Very nice and impressive!

I really enjoyed my February Lip Factory box and can't wait for next month's... I heard a rumor that it might be "all about the lips!"

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