Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Sand Bar by Rebecca Bryan

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Blurb via Goodreads-

"Based around the Twenty-fourth of July celebration that takes place every year in the author's real hometown, The Sand Bar is a women's Fiction novel that is a little bit "Hope Floats " with a dash of "It's a Wonderful Life." With her marriage annulled and her emotions in tatters, Marlo returns to her hometown of St. Anthony, Idaho, to care for her sick father and get back on her feet. She runs into Brandon, the boyfriend whose heart she broke before she left town, and finds him unhappy in his marriage and his life. Marlo fears she has not only ruined her own chance for happiness, but that of a man she once loved. When she meets an old woman who offers her a chance to make things right by going back in time, Marlo feels she has nothing to lose. She accepts the elixir and soon finds herself not in the past, but two years in the future, married to Brandon and living the life she had always dreaded: stuck in a tiny town with a toddler she doesn't know or love. Things get more complicated when she begins to suspect that Brandon had a part in his first wife's mysterious death. With the help of handsome Luke Dawson, an old classmate and now a police officer, Marlo must solve the mystery of what really happened the night she took the elixir, and fix her broken relationships before she can return to the present and truly have a second chance at happiness."

The Sand Bar was a wonderful read! Everyone has those "could have, should have" moments in time and The Sand Bar was an excellent example. The descriptions of the town and situations were wonderfully written and detailed. The story was interesting and unpredictable. I can easily see the Sand Bar become a movie.

Highly Recommend - 5 out of 5 stars

Special Thanks to Rebecca Bryan for providing The Sand Bar in exchange for an honest review.

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