Saturday, September 1, 2012

On the road to GB surgery.. part 3

For those of you who haven't read my first two posts I have decided to change my life for the better by getting gastric bypass surgery.  My insurance and the surgeon said that I have to try to lose 70lbs in 3 months, I am currently on month 2 (yaaay!) I haven't posted an update in awhile so I thought Id do so now.

So on August 24th I had my first month check up with the physicians assistant. They were quite impressed that I lost 21 lbs!!!  Yep that's right, in ONE month I lost 21 pounds. I honestly never thought I would be able to lose so much weight so fast, but when I want something bad enough I go for it. All I did was follow the dietitian "rules" and exercised almost every day.  So, during the first month check up I was hoping that they would be happy enough with my progress to actually get the surgery scheduled...but no. I was basically told to keep doing what Ive been doing and it will "most likely" be scheduled in November.  I'm really really really trying to be patient, I just want it all over with.   The PA did ask me about my menstrual cycle and after explaining that it pretty much doesnt exist she prescribed me a diabetic medicine called Metformin. She said that although I'm not diabetic the medicine will help my blood sugar, help with the weight loss, and help me ovulate. She also gave me a sturn warning about using birth control from now on because I could easily become pregnant with just a little weight loss and taking the metformin. The fact that I could easily get pregnant astonishes me, I never thought Id ever be able to and a very little part of me wants to see if she is right. But I cant blow my chance at getting this surgery. I cant put it off any longer, and although I'm doing great losing weight by myself, I know that I can not do it on my own.   The pregnant factor can wait a year.

So that weekend after my first month check up something weird happened. I got really really sick. I was in bed all day slept for over 14 hours straight. I didn't have any energy to exercise or even really eat. My husband quickly blamed the Metformin and the PA.  He told me to stop taking them and that this whole surgery/diet stuff is crazy. See, he's ok with the weight loss but he doesn't want me to have the surgery. He says I just need lose weight the healthy way.  He just doesn't understand what I'm going through, what Ive been going through my entire life. I know he's just worried and he doesn't want to see me suffer and he just wants me to be healthy. But, he is always trying to find every negative aspect about this. So, sickly me called my mom in for some much needed support.(she always makes me feel better) I explained to her what was happening and after some talking she thought "Hey wait, maybe you have the low carb flu"  For the month of August I went serious low carb and I was feeling great, I had so much energy. So I googled low carb flu and I'm about 90% sure that my mom was right.  Unfortunately low carb flu can last a while but I'm trying to get back on track. Ive been in a bit of a funk all week and haven't exercised as much as the past few weeks. On the bright side, the Metformin makes me feel full all day, infact I have been having to remind myself to eat a little something or I'll completely forget. AND I officially lost 27lbs last Tuesday. But, I had a crazy craving all of the sudden for some homemade nachos...and well you know... I wont be able to eat like this in a few months so I indulged. It was Deeelicious! So I might have gained a few back...time to go for a walk!  oh and Rock Lobster by the B52's is a great workout song!

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miki said...

It must no be easy for your husband either, he is afraid to loose you.

Keep going but don't be angry with him, you will need his support again^^