Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vitality by Tim Andrewartha mini-review and E-Book GIVEAWAY

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Set in an alternative version of the present day, Stylo Green moves to a nameless city to work for Vitality. The company is making a purple soft drink which they promise will change people’s lives – a welcome gesture in a place where society is spiralling down towards its demise.

The New Movement Party hope to win the next election and clean up the city. Real food is banned so everyone eats plastic-tasting Easy Food except the few who dare to eat illegal fruit and vegetables available on the black market. Dr. Mooseball produces recreational narcotics which are legal and a popular way to relax while Soft Dreams employs people to suck up the ghosts that float around the city.

Emulla, the girl with the beautiful voice, is different from the others. She and Stylo hit it off, and Stylo's packaging designs are chosen. Things seem to be going well for him, but he begins to notice something peculiar about his colleagues. The truth starts to unravel but not without bloodshed. When he finally faces his nemesis, nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover."

Thanks to Dam Good Publishing, I had the chance to do another mini-review and Giveaway- Vitality by Tim Andrewartha.  I have to say again how much I am grateful that I have more than one chapter to read! Stylo seems like a very interesting character and I am intrigued by the world Tim Andrewartha created. The first chapter gives you such a small glimpse of what this world is like, I have to keep reading. Mini-reviews are fun but I will be giving Vitality a full review asap.


One lucky winner will receive 1 e-book copy of Vitality by Tim Andrewartha - which is available in many e-book formats.

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