Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Random Act of Kindness Wrap-Up!

Book Soulmates

February was another busy R.A.K. month for me. I want to thank Book Soulmates for hosting this. If you haven't heard of this before, Book Soulmates hosts a Random Act of Kindness list of people who like to spread a little kindness in book form to other people. For more information click HERE And remember although it feels great to receive it feels even more fantastic to GIVE!

R.A.K's Ive sent:

A amazon gift card to @Luvdaylili​es  :o) Hi!!

Beautiful Disaster and Parallel to Alyssa @

Bleeding Hearts to Nicola @

Rosebush to Danielle

Half-Blood to Christopher

Indelible to Kris

I failed to get the blog address (if any) of Danielle, Christopher and Kris, I apologize, if any of you read this leave me a message and I'll add it! :)

R.A.K's I received:

Lola and the Boy Next Door from Dizneeee @

Falling Under from Andrea @

Almost Home from Lily @


If anyone would like to send a random act of kindness- go right ahead My Amazon Wishlist

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margie c {the bumble girl} said...

What a great month you had!
Enjoy your new reads :)