Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton is about a small town girl named Sophia, who is an outcast in her town because she is Wiccan.  Having a stressful life and hearing constant noise/static in her head she decides to cast a spell to attempt to relieve the noise, which only opens a whole new world for her.

The Forever Girl is a extremely great read, filled will urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  The characters were well written and interesting. The entire book held my interest and I enjoyed Rebecca's writing style. The story was fresh, original, and exciting.  I love that the romance wasn't instant "love at first sight" and that it took some time to develop. However, the ONLY thing I wasn't sure about in the book was the time lapses, there was a few.."a few weeks or months later" I understand that we don't need to know every single detail of what went on during those months, but it still left me feeling like we might have missed something.

Overall, I highly recommend The Forever Girl, I rate it 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to read more from Rebecca Hamilton.

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Nikki Jefford said...

I just bought this book a couple days ago.

I saw a link to this review on twitter and was like, 'Hey, I know that blog!' <3