Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Secret Ingredient by Stewart Lewis

blurb via goodreads

"Sixteen-year-old Olivia loves living in Silverlake, Los Angeles, with her dads, Bell and Enrique, and her brother, Jeremy. But when Olivia discovers that Bell's restaurant, FOOD, is in trouble, she applies for a job at a casting agency. The day of her interview, Olivia meets a psychic in an elevator who tells her that this summer will be pivotal. Soon after, Olivia stumbles upon a vintage cookbook with handwritten notes in the margins and starts to date a gorgeous boy named Theo. As Olivia reads the notes in the cookbook and cooks the recipes, she forms a kinship with the previous owner and becomes increasingly aware of the emptiness she feels without a mother. When Olivia discovers her birthmother's name and address, there's nothing to stop Olivia from meeting her. But sometimes the things we search for are the things we've always known."

I really loved The Secret Ingredient but the characters fell flat, I didn't feel much emotion from them. While they were still interesting and the different story lines were well thought of, some of the scenarios just fizzled. I really enjoyed the overall concept of the book and would love to read more from the author.

Special Thanks to Netgalley and  Random House Children's Books for providing this e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

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