Monday, May 6, 2013

NYR Organic White Tea Enriching Facial Mask review

White Tea Enriching Facial Mask
(from their website)

"About the product
  • Deeply nourishing
  • Gently cleansing
  • Detoxifying
  • With anti-ageing, antioxidant white tea 
  • Directions
    Using fingertips, apply a thin, even layer over clean skin, avoiding the eyes and directly around the mouth. Leave for up to 10 minutes then rinse with tepid water and pat dry. Use once a week or as needed for stressed skin. Use enough to cover the face with a thin, even layer of mask. A teaspoon of the mask should provide enough coverage."
    I LOVE THIS MASK!! This is my holy grail of facial masks!  My skin can sometimes be really dry and sensitive, especially around my nose (I get flaky dry skin in the creases of my nose). This mask is so gentle and my face felt so unbelievably soft..for days.. and the flaky dry skin vanished!

    embarrassing picture alert  

    The mask is actually all over my face- not just my forehead. It actually blends into the skin well and didn't tighten when it dried. And after 10 minutes, It rinsed well also. This mask really refreshed my skin. It would be absolutely perfect to use after a long day outdoors! My face is very happy!

    Special Thanks to NYR Organic for providing this product in exchange for an honest review

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