Monday, January 28, 2013

Profusion Glamifeye Shadows

Over the holidays I discovered this amazing eye shadow set. It found it on sale for $2.99 at a Walgreens and figured hmm why not try it. I am in love! I so wish I could have a better quality picture of this palette as the below pictures do not show how vivid these colors are. 

The Profusion website seems to be down while I'm typing this, but here is the link Profusion Glamifeye Shadows

 Hello Kitty decided to photo bomb! (Hello Kitty does not come with this palette)

 Now the only downside of these is the package/container is easily breakable and extremely hard to open. In fact I use a little paper clip to open it.  Also, they can crumble just a bit while putting the shadows on a brush/wand. However, the color pigment is wonderful.  The color below is the middle "turquoise-ish"  4th row from the left side, second from bottom.

As the great RuPaul would say....
"work, turn to the left
work, now turn to the right
work, sashay shante!!!"

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