Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm alive and 110lbs slimmer! :D

Hi Everyone!

Well, my gastric bypass surgery was a success! Things didn't go as smooth as I hoped, I had a few issues come up but  I have officially lost 110lbs since July 24th (60 lbs before the surgery and 50 lbs after..and counting :)  It wasn't an easy process but I'm happy to say that I believe I am fully recovered and ready to slowly get back to posting reviews.    Since this year I am focusing on the "New Me" Ive decided to start focusing on more beauty product reviews, I have all of the sudden become extremely addicted to finding new make up. Don't tell my husband, but I think I'm begining to be a make-up hoarder!     I don't know why I never new about beauty subscription boxes (I guess I spent the past year focused on my weight) but Ive decided to subscribe to a few and will be posting reviews for them.  I will also continue to post book reviews, I have quite a few read and needing to review! 


miki said...

Glad to know you are better!
take care

Ruth Benitez said...

I'm glad you are fine and that the surgery went well!
Welcome back :)