Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thought Id try this thing out.

Today I will talk about flight attendants and pilots. I work for a hotel near an international airport, and the hotel happens to have a contract with a few major airlines. So, every night at the hotel we get to see over 50 pilots/attendants. Joy. What the problem is, is that the majority of these people that think they are god's gift to the world. That their shit doesn't stink! They are the most demanding and rude people that I have ever come across in the hotel world. They think everything should be free to them and that they are first for anything they need. What really gets me is that they complain about having to wait 10 minutes to get picked up at the airport...10 minutes!!! My shuttle bus driver has told me many times that the pilots will tell them to drive faster and to not pick up any other hotel guests. If I were the driver, Id turn right around and say "Whoa there.....this is my bus,I'm the captain...if you don't like it, walk!!" One of these days I think I'll kick one out of the hotel for making a scene or being too intoxicated.
Well... I think I will end my airline bitch fest. Thank you, have a nice day!

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