Monday, September 24, 2007

my dream...

A few hours ago I woke up from having what I thought at the time was a nightmare. I had this dream that millions of these weird little fuzzy monsters with huge mouths were eating people. In the dream these weird little monsters came up from the ground and immediately started to attack a group of sci-fi geeks, who I believe were playing dungeons and dragons..or some other type of nerdy game. After eating all of the geeks, the monsters somehow got to a shopping mall filled with extremely annoying girls. Girls who have really high pitched screams and like to say "oh my god" a lot. I believe they were cheerleaders and rich snobs. These are the main things I remember from the dream...I know these monsters created world wide panic and these little things were hopping around everywhere. I woke up from the dream with a spooky 'just woke up from a nightmare feeling'. But on the way to work I realized that it wasn't a was a pretty fucking good dream!! These little monsters were the greatest! Oh and they looked exactly like Fizgig from The Dark Crystal.

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