Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

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My Life Next Door is about the prim and proper Reed family and that loud and messy Garrett family. Seventeen year old Samantha Reed was told (by her snobbish mother) from the start not to ever talk to the crazy Garrett family and keep to herself but Samantha couldn't resist watching the Garrett family from her balcony. She watched the Garrets rambunctious family grow larger for years until one summer evening Jase Garrett climbs up the Samantha's terrace and everything changes.

Ooooh I loved this book! It was so sweet, funny and sad at the same time. The characters were fantastic. The Garrett family was the glue that held this book together. I loved their family, especially George!  The romance was sweet and Jace is very swoon-worthy. Sam's best friend Nan and her brother Tim were a great addition to the book as well.
I was honestly very surprised to find out that My Life Next Door is Huntley Fitzpatrick's debut novel. It was perfectly written and I really became engrossed in the book. An amazing read!

Definitely 5 our of 5 stars!!  I hope to read a lot more from Huntley Fitzpatrick!

Special Thanks to Penguin Young Readers Group and NetGalley for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review.


Michelle Chew said...

George is the little brother right? I hope to read this book soon! Looks really good!

Memoriesovertakingme said...

Yes, George is the little brother! :)